We are committed to digitisation through innovation and the use of state-of-the-art technologiy, to successfully tackle projects demanding the highest quality standards.

Our goal is to construct buildings that are energy efficient, comfortable for our customers and free of emissions to the environment. In this regard, we avoid energy waste and fight for decarbonisation.

Our buildings are primed for the future.

Ground-breaking solutions


Project GLOBE: A Differential Milestone

The GLOBE project is a global platform for virtualisation and streamlining of industrialised processes that represents a revolution in the industrialisation process of the construction sector. It is a differential milestone in planning, works oversight and monitoring with the industrialisation of the construction process entailing recently developed technology that allows us to improve sectorial productivity and competitiveness while fostering its industrialisation.

In 2017, the GLOBE PROJECT obtained the cataloguing of R&D+i project by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), which while in a still incipient phase of development already displayed the potential that this tool offered the construction sector.

HUBE. A revolutionary system

HUBE is a proprietary development software that allows the automatic collection of project data in real time while its development is carried out, through BIM model connections with proprietary databases. All the projects carried out by the Lobe Group have been developed based on a total digitisation, through the use of HUBE, a revolutionary system, framed within the GLOBE Project.

This software allows data to be obtained on the real productivity of 100% of manufacturing processes underway and thus ascertain their associated costs, which allows us to extract privileged information in order to be able to achieve continuous improvement in the development and implementation of all processes. We automatically obtain and manage all the information from the digitised project in all its phases: Design, development of the project, implementation and monitoring of the work in a comprehensive way.


At Lobe Group, we have incorporated digitisation and industrialisation into our comprehensive real estate project management model.

HP has developed HP SitePrint, a robotic solution that performs, precisely and semi-automatically, on-site layout achieving greater accuracy in the space of the home. The Lobe Group has implemented this solution in Residencial Camellia Garden Housing Complex (Zaragoza) to carry out the redesign on site and performing task with this robot will become increasingly common in the future. We firmly believe that the adoption of this technology will help us to be come more productive, accurate and efficient, while allowing us to reduce design and workforce costs, through semi-autonomous technology.

LOBE Group Methodology

<< Now it is possible to build flagship homes, with the greatest energy efficiency, reducing construction time, raising profits while providing higher quality and comfort. >>

Energy efficiency and sustainability
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Grupo LOBE receives the CEPYME500 seal

After reaching its highest ever sales figures this year, totalling 120 million including a profit of 18 million, the LOBE Group has been granted the CEPYME500 seal.

This seal is a CEPYME initiative with which the aim is to identify, select and promote a set of 500 Spanish companies that spearhead business growth, due to their solvency, innovation potential and international projection.

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