The Lobe Group is a company at the forefront in the construction of Passivhaus certified collective housing in Spain.

2.051 certified properties

4.516 Passivhaus managed properties

2.465 properties whose certification is underway

Passivhaus Certification


<< Now it is possible to build flagship homes, with the greatest energy efficiency, reducing construction time, raising profits while providing higher quality and comfort. >>


  • All Lobe Group buildings are committed to obtaining the Passivhaus Certificate, the most demanding and recognised worldwide in terms of energy efficiency, which offers thorough quality control, both in the design stage and in its correct implementation.
  • Currently, VAND Arquitectura and ENERGIEHAUS are entrusted with the certification of Lobe Group’s buildings. They are approved by the German Passivhaus Institute. This accredits them to certify that all calculations, measurements and requirements of the standard are met.


1 Façade cladding

The design of Lobe Group’s buildings aims to obtain a suitable form factor, that is, to obtain a large useful interior space limiting the façade surface, floors and ceilings in contact with the outside.

This naturally reduces the amount of energy needed to heat the building in winter while keeping it cool in summer. Furthermore, at Lobe Group we use pre-cast façades that safeguard thermal envelope of the building from solar radiation and wind, creating a shaded air chamber that improves the thermal performance of the wall throughout the year.

All the points of the envelope where there is usually no insulation in traditional homes, such as the façade pillars, are treated and calculated to avoid the absence of comfort in sensitive areas. Continuity is given to the insulation sheet, with compliance being checked, point by point, with the requirements set forth in the Passivhaus standard.

The standardisation of elements of the thermal envelope allow for all the buildings’ to be implemented using the same construction system: pre-cast and self-supporting modular panels that arrive on site with a tailor-made design and need only be assembled.

The panels are composed of several layers and are designed to be able to determine in a single element the building’s thermal and hermetic envelope, so that the work on the project is limited to suitable treatment of the joints and intersections.

Once the assembly of envelope panels and sealing of joints has been completed, carpentry elements are placed to be able to check the building’s airtightness while the sealing layer is visible. In this way, possible errors can be detected and corrected to ensure proper airtightness. Any space is sealed in hollows or slits to avoid insofar as is possible the infiltration of unwanted air and preserve property's comfort levels.

At Lobe Group, we carry out at least two Blower Door airtightness tests to check these infiltrations in each house before considering the façades’ construction and continuing with the coming project stages.

All residential properties in the building guarantee outstanding air quality levels. This is possible thanks to the fact that they feature a fully automatic and continuous ventilation system that allows for the minimisation of energy losses derived from completely renewing the air of all the rooms more than 10 times a day.

The air enters the machine from the outside and there the energy is exchanged with the indoor air inside the house. Thus, through contact, yet without mixing, the air enters a temperature more in keeping with that of the interior and, therefore, less extra energy is needed, either to heat or cool the house.

To obtain the Passivhaus certificate it is necessary to verify the proper functioning of all the ventilation grilles of the building, to verify that all the rooms have suitable means of air renewal and there is no incidence in the installation. We automatically renew the indoor air so that it has acceptable quality while avoiding high concentrations of CO2, odours, mites, viruses and other impurities. Clean and healthy air without leaving home!

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