Passivhaus & Digital Building

We are LOBE Group, a company spearheading the real estate sector that is at the forefront of energy efficiency thanks to Passivhaus certified construction. We place the onus on digital construction and offer comprehensive real estate project management to provide our clients with a unique and high quality construction experience.

We boast our own in-house working methodology applied to all projects carried out by the LOBE Group based on 5 fundamental axes: project design, energy efficiency and sustainability, digitisation, industrialisation and manufacturing processes.

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Digital Building


At LOBE Group, we have incorporated digital construction into our comprehensive real estate project management model. Through the use of advanced digital construction technologies and project management software tools we obtain greater precision in the design and construction of homes, enhanced coordination between the different teams involved in construction, thus improving efficiency, minimising errors and reducing delivery times.

All the projects carried out by LOBE Group, have been developed based on a total digitisation, through the use of HUBE, a technological tool developed by the LOBE Group that automatically generates real-time project data in the development phase and monitors task implementation in a comprehensive way thereby obtaining real productivity data of all production processes and their cost control.

Certified Passivhaus


At LOBE Group, we are committed to backing the environment and sustainability. That is the reason why we have opted for Passivhaus certification, which guarantees that our homes have the maximum energy efficiency worldwide. With a total of 1,853 certified Passivhaus properties, we are at the cutting edge in implementing a new way of building homes where processes improve buildings’ energy efficiency.

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We take care of everything


LOBE Group offers comprehensive construction, management and property development services, including both Built to Sell (BTS) and Built to Rent (BTR). Our comprehensive management of real estate projects allows us to carry out all the processes involved in the project, from design to final delivery, ensuring the quality of our homes thanks to our own management model and global concept.

Thanks to LOBE Group's own work methodology, it is possible to successfully tackle projects with high quality standards, meeting economic targets and without entailing an increase in implementation costs.

Solano Residential Complex
Valdemoro, Madrid

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Parcela 2.102
Ensanche Vallecas, Madrid

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Mislata, Valencia

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Benevivere Residential Complex
Valdemoro, Madrid

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Equema de gestión de Grupo LOBE

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LOBE Group Methodology


Thanks to the application of the 5 key axes, homes with guaranteed thermal comfort, reduced energy consumption, healthy, comfortable environments and, most importantly, obtaining the certification of one of the most demanding energy efficiency standards in the world, the Passivhaus certificate.

Based on the home’s requirements, the applicable urban regulations and the study into the soil, the project is envisaged with the aim of obtaining the maximum use of space while keeping costs down.

To meet the requirements of the Passivhaus Institut in terms of energy efficiency, the design of the Lobe Group’s buildings attains a major usable interior space by limiting the surface of the façade, floors and ceilings in contact with the exterior. Naturally reducing the amount of energy needed depending on the outside temperature

Lobe Group’s projects are developed based on total digitisation through the use of the company's in-house technology tool, named HUBE. A tool that allows us to integrate all the data of a work on a three-dimensional graphic support and the management of all the information in all its phases.

Lobe Group designs breakthrough industrialised construction solutions in collaboration with different manufacturing companies, obtaining quality certification by certified certification bodies for each of them.

The comprehensive digitisation of the project connected with its own databases allows for the obtaining of a production project in the construction phase prior to the start of works’ implementation.

| The vision

Spearheading the digital revolution in the construction sector, through the incorporation of advanced technologies in the construction, design and project management processes.

Offering the market sustainable and energy efficient construction, through innovation and technology, thus contributing to the protection of the environment and the sustainable development of society. To attains its vision, at Lobe Group we place the onus on the continuous improvement of our processes, through the incorporation of state-of-the-art technologies and innovation in construction 4.0. Lobe Group also aims to expand its presence in new markets, through a sustainable and responsible growth strategy.

| The mission

Our mission is to build high-quality, sustainable housing that meets the needs and expectations of our customers while contributing to sustainable development and the well-being of society.

To fulfil our mission, at Lobe Group we are committed to offering a high quality service, based on innovation, efficiency, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The company offers a comprehensive approach to real estate project management, ranging from planning and design to construction, delivery and maintenance of your homes.

| The Values

Excellence in the techincal capacity for project management throughout the real estate cycle. Leadershio in the generation of value for customers, companies and society. Reference in the research, development and innovation of system, both constructive and functional.

Commitment to grow in all aspects of business. Environmental responibility. Aligned with our planet.

Aligned with our planet


At LOBE Group we are aligned with sustainability and energy efficiency, we commit and direct our strategy towards the fulfilment of the sustainable development objectives of the 2030 Agenda, created by the United Nations.

Since 2019, the LOBE Group has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, employment practices, the environment and anti-corruption.