Approximately 75 multi-disciplinary professionals, passionate about architecture, construction and new technologies.

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At Grupo LOBE our aim is to provide our customers with houses that offer a top design and excellent quality, always under sustainability criteria.

We listen carefully to our customers and seek solutions that are increasingly tailored to their personal tastes, innovating in the end result and the work process itself. Our efforts are aimed at industrializing the construction of houses and at improving construction processes by creating new work methods.

Management model

Grupo LOBE has created its own management model based on quality, innovation and technological development which goes beyond the traditional concept of marketing, promoting and building, providing great added value for the development of land portfolios.

Our organization integrates the design, building and marketing of houses, eliminating risks and maximizing profit without the need for intermediaries.

To be a national benchmark in building project management, a company that stands out from the rest for the quality, customization and environment-friendliness of its products, as well as for its commitment to its customers, workers and society in general.

To be a building company at national level that enables customers to take part in the final design of their homes, and that carries out the industrialized management of its internal processes to be able to provide competitively-priced products

Construcciones Lobe carries out its activities in the PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT and BUILDING industry based on the following principles:


Commitment to optimize resources to achieve customer satisfaction.

Communication and Training

Communication and cross-disciplinary training for all stakeholders.


Both our own responsibility and that of our collaborating companies in terms of respect for the environment and for workers’ safety.


Compliance with own standards that go above and beyond legal and regulatory requirements for product conformity. Strict compliance with health and safety and environmental regulations.


Commitment to protecting the environment and workers, encouraging prevention in environmental issues and occupational risks.

Evolution and improvement

Evolution and improvement in the efficiency of the organization’s management systems.


Enhancement of R+D+i in all of the organization’s processes.


Expansion within the industry and in our geographical scope

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